As a business owner, having systems of automation can be SO helpful, and most often necessary as your time becomes limited. While there are so many options for scheduling out social media posts, Tailwind most definitely wins in efficiency and usability - especially for Pinterest.

But Kelseyyyy, why would I need to focus on Pinterest? No one gets clients on there.

I get what you’re saying, but I am here to prove you wrong. A lot of people look at Pinterest as another social media app - but truly it’s a search engine, kind of like google. People go on there to search for things they need, whether that is inspiration or even finding a photographer! Having a presence on Pinterest has so many benefits and is a hidden important tool that every business owner needs to have. And while Pinterest has been around for quite some time now, it just continues to grow.

But I’m not going to lie, Pinterest loves new pins and is starting to show those more than anything. So it takes time to create and show up on there, but that’s why I love Tailwind so much. Automation has become my new best friend in the entrepreneur world.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your Pinterest, or maybe you’re just getting started; read on for how to use Tailwind for your photography business!

But first, let me share the benefits Pinterest has for your business.

  1. Website Traffic - Pinterest can drive a ton of traffic to your website for you. Whether that’s just images you post, or exciting blog posts that are more informative. People always want to read or learn more from something that inspires them. And the more traffic your website gets, the better rankings you will see on google as well!
  2. Clients - If you’re a wedding professional, there are so many couples on Pinterest getting inspiration or trying to figure out next steps. This is a great way to drive them to your site to show them your knowledge and talent.
  3. Marketing - Have you heard the marketing rule that you want people to see you at least three different times? If a potential client see’s you on Instagram, google AND Pinterest, that gains their trust. That makes them feel like you are a leader in the industry and know what you are doing, and when that comes to their wedding day, that’s important!
  4. SEO.  Aside from your Pins being found only in Pinterest - your content can also be found from Google! Yep that’s right, it’s a search engine within a search engine! If your ideal clients are googling a question on how to elope or photographers in the area, your Pins may come up if marketed correctly. Having your Pinterest optimized and in order will significantly boost your chances of being ranked on Google, as they want to provide their searchers with top quality and reliable content. 

Basically, as Pinterest continues to grow as a search engine, the more important it will be to show up on it. Take advantage of the “up and coming” status of this platform and push out content now! Alright… now let’s get into Tailwind. The platform that will help you grow.

What is Tailwind: Tailwind definition

Tailwind is a tool that will make batch working and automating your marketing workflow SO EASY. Tailwind has several different uses in regards to boosting your work (for both Pinterest and Instagram) including: scheduling posts, content creation, community sharing, and even analytics tracking. The platform connects directly to your Pinterest, and don’t worry it’s an official Partner with both Facebook and Pinterest so your account is not going to get banned for using a third party app.

While you can schedule out posts directly in Pinterest - the process can be a lot more work if you have a lot of content to push out. In Tailwind you can select a batch of images and have them all laid out in front of you, making the process of board selection and caption writing a lot more efficient!


The benefits of using Tailwind

  • Passive consistency. The beauty in scheduling out your content in Tailwind is that you don’t have to log into your account every day, or keep track of what’s being posted when. With the Smart Scheduling Tool your uploaded Pins get posted right on schedule, and can thrive on their own from there! No need to be engaging with any users, or thinking of what to post every day.
  • Batch content creation. After a while of manually typing in captions and board names in Pinterest’s create tool, you kind of want to pull your hair out. IF ONLY there was a way to optimize this process, applying the same Boards and Titles to multiple Pins!! Yeah well guess what…. there is! And Tailwind makes the process of batch work almost FUN! Yep that’s right. Once you have your marketing strategy in place, and have optimized your Pinterest, scheduling out your work will be so easy in this app!
  • Analytics. While Pinterest has its own business analytics page, it can be a bit confusing and hard to understand. In Tailwind you get access to a plethora of valuable information on how your Pins are doing! Info on new followers, repins, engagement rate, and insights into which Pins are the most loved by your followers!
  • The more content = more inquiries. Tailwind helps with getting you on potential clients radars. The more pins you have, the more you show up, and the more likely you'll get noticed. And this is what is the most important thing, right?

How to get started on Tailwind

The first step is really to start off by having a solid understanding of your brand and your market audience. Having a clear direction on who you want your work to be seen by, and what the purpose of the content is for (ideally getting people to your website and booking your ideal clients) is crucial!  Keywords in captions, descriptions, titles and boards play a huge role in boosting the performance of your content - as well as your SEO! These should all be based off of your brand and who you are trying to speak to. If you’re not sure how to do this, that’s something we can totally go over in my mentorship program if you’re interested!

The second step is to sign up! Try their free trial to get the hang of the program and see if it's the right way you want to use Pinterest. It's not for everyone, or some people don't feel the need to be on Pinterest, and that's totally fine. But a membership for Tailwind is literally pennies and will pay for itself ten fold once you get just even one booking from Pinterest.

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest efficiently

Once you’ve got a clear marketing strategy - implementing Tailwind will make batch working a breeze. Here are some quick tips and guidelines I would recommend to making it most effective.

Keywords and descriptions:
  • Keep a Google Doc going for your keywords and caption writing, that way you can refer back to it. Keywords are SUPER important, as this is what tells Pinterest what your pin is about. Things such as New England elopement, adventure elopement, Fall wedding - things like that! You can find these keywords by literally typing into Pinterest what you’re going to post and a bunch of keywords will pop up.
  • Write out drafts then copy and paste into your Pin descriptions in Tailwind. Having a variety of different titles, descriptions, and pin covers for blog posts can help improve your performance as repetitive keyword stuffing can be marked as spam! 
Smart scheduling:

Building up your brand, across all platforms, requires strategy and consistency. Tailwind makes implementing a consistent (AND strategic) schedule so simple. With the Smart Scheduling tool, the app creates a Pin calendar for you automatically. This is based on when they determine your followers are most active. From there you can choose to add in more slots (try and 

Use Smartloops:

Another amazing tool that Tailwind implements is the ability to repost your Pin via a recurring loop in your schedule! This means you wont need to go back in to repost that favorite Pin, but rather assign it a space on your Smartloop cycle and Tailwind will keep it circulating! It's good to keep your regular pins between 10-20 a day, so having Smartloop will help. So how would you use this? For example, if you have an image that would work well for 2-3 of your boards, then you could smart loop it to keep it active and shown to potential clients. These are good for posts that you think will do well and will be helpful.

TIP: I highly recommend having batch work days where you plan out your content for a certain amount of time (days, weeks, even a month!). This eliminates a lot of the brain work in trying to think of what content to post (across all social media platforms) AND saves you a ton of time! Batch working is particularly easy in Tailwind since it doesn’t require you to actively engage with your audience like some platforms like Instagram. From the publisher tool you can upload a large amount of images/content, write in captions, pick which boards to post to, and schedule all drafts with one click! You can also go back and edit any captions or boards before they get posted, as well as shuffle up the queue! 

What about the communities in Tailwind?

The communities in Tailwind used to be great when Pinterest algorithm wasn't all about fresh pins. Look, in general, if you share other people's work, then that's where it would be easier for YOUR potential clients to find THEM instead. I am all about supporting one another, that's totally not the point. With Pinterest, it's generally better to share your own work so that if a potential client comes to your Pinterest page, they are falling in love with YOUR work. So, I personally don't use communities for my photography business anymore.

Other Tailwind and Pinterest advice

  • There are a lot of Pinterest guru's and courses out there. Before hiring out, it's really important to learn the platforms yourself so you know what they're doing. I personally would either hire someone to coach you and teach you, OR take a course then hire out. You want to make sure this person who manages it for you is actually doing the work to get you actual inquiries, not just getting your views up.
  • Just like instagram, monthly viewers (just like 'likes'), don't mean shit anymore. It's about the number of clicks and pins you are getting. That's what is most important. The monthly viewers are just how many times you are showing up for people, which is obviously great the more the better. BUT, you want people who are viewing your work to actually click to your website and become an inquiry. So don't get caught up in those numbers!
  • Keep track of analytics. See what type of pins are doing well and getting the most clicks. If there is a specific format you are doing that is being received well, then do that!
  • Use canva to create beautiful and unique pins that represent your brand. You want someone to see a pin and be like "oh, that's definitely a Kelsey pin!".
  • Try Tailwind out for free first - see if it's for you. Use this link here and if you decide to get a plan, you'll get $15 off!

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