Maria and Pete's winter airbnb elopement day in the White Mountains is one I will forever remember and bring up to my future couples. These two are a perfect example of how you can create a day that is simple with thoughtful details while solely focusing on the two of you. Trust me, this is one that you'll want to keep reading.

These two wanted a true getaway for their elopement. They wanted to be out in the mountains and have as little people there as possible. They found a stunning log cabin airbnb up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It had views, a hot tub, a beautiful kitchen, tons of space and of course a large living room with a fireplace. They had a vision, but ultimately they wanted the day to be relaxed, no stress, and quality time.

The morning

In the morning, they took their time to do their morning routines. They woke up together, relaxed, talked with family and friends, then went to their separate floors to get ready. Maria got her hair and makeup done, while Pete relaxed and had a few beers. These two seriously feel like old friends. To become close with my couples is something I really value and enjoy, because it makes the day even better. It makes me confident in telling their story, while also making them comfortable having a 'stranger' at such an intimate day.

As the morning went on, the nerves started to build. They decided to have a first look to be able to breathe again. But really, this is a moment Pete has been imagining for a while. He's always looked forward to seeing Maria for the first time on their wedding day. The emotions were running high. We chose a beautiful spot outside of the Airbnb with the mountains in the distance. The snow made it so pretty and magical. Maria came up behind Pete and as he turned around, you could SEE his heart drop. He was just so so happy.

They took a few minutes together, then we all went inside for their ceremony.

The ceremony

For their ceremony, we chose a wall inside to set up an arch they built and painted for good light. They set up their computer for their close family and friends to watch via zoom. Then we were ready to rock.

Maria walked to Pete, and they said their beautiful vows to one another. I absolutely love when couples write their own vows. It's usually a perfect mixture of silly moments, emotional times and lots of reminiscing of the past and looking towards the future. I sometimes try to let them have this moment without me listening, but sometimes I can't help it! Hah!

After they kissed, they had their first dance then said goodbye to their family and friends on zoom. They were able to have the rest of their day just for the two of them.

The after party

When I say after party, I mean an after party for two. They took the rest of the evening to wander the woods with me for portraits, cut their delicious carrot cake, read letters from their families, dance around, and eat dinner homemade from their volleyball friend. The thought into the details of their day was so perfectly them and simple.

Maria and Pete are such a great example on how you can make your day special even with just the two of you.

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