Elopements and small weddings aren't a new way of getting married anymore in New England. Couples from all over New England have found that a small wedding feels more 'them'. There are so many benefits to having an elopement or small wedding, and one of them is being able to still include your family and friends. While it is possible to find a public location to fit up to 20 guests, it can sometimes be easier logistically to still have it at a small wedding venue. This blog post is all about the best New Hampshire elopement and small wedding venues, to make your planning easier.

The Benefits of a Microwedding Venue

Choosing a small wedding venue over a public location can add more cost, it can sometimes be well worth the money. It completely depends on the amount of guests you plan to have. I recommend asking your wedding planner or photographer for recommendations. Below are some of the benefits to choosing a small wedding venue over a public place.

  1. Logistics: If you have multiple locations, it can add stress to the timeline, and to you! A small wedding venue could help with that concern. Generally you can have your getting ready, ceremony and reception at one location, allowing the transitions of the day much more simple. If you're hoping for a stress-free, low maintenance day, then have your intimate day at a small wedding venue is a great option.
  2. Privacy: Are you hoping for a more private ceremony? Having your wedding at a small venue can ensure that no strangers will be around to witness it. Check in with the wedding venue before you book to make sure that it will be a private space.
  3. Be in a place that is special to you: Many couples choose to elope in the outdoors because they feel connected to it in some way. Whether that's the mountains, in the forest, or by the ocean. There are so many public locations that you can feel free to be where you are happy. However, there are also plenty of small wedding venues that can get you the same feel without the stress.
  4. You are catered to: Having a venue can allow for additional vendors to cater to you for a stress free day. These small venues are there to help make your day just as special as you are hoping it would be.

The Best Small Wedding Venues in New Hampshire

Below are some of my absolute favorite microwedding venues in New Hampshire, separated by the type of environment. I am an elopement and small wedding photographer who focuses on the outdoors. I'll be sharing most small wedding venues that focus on the outdoor environments and views.

Small Wedding Venues in the White Mountains

Sunset Hill House

Located in Sugar Hill, NH. With one of the best views in the Franconia Notch, the Sunset Hill House is one of the most popular places to stay and have a small wedding in the White Mountains. They offer weekend packages, your guests to book rooms, and have a full restaurant as well. The ceremony location is stunning, just look!

Toad Hill Farm

Located in Franconia, NH. Alright, you caught me. There are multiple beautiful viewpoints in Franconia Notch. Toad Hill Farm is another one. This farm has incredible field views of the Franconia Ridge and a bit of Cannon mountain. It has a stunning farmhouse where you and your loved ones can stay. You can rent the entire property for a few days too, to make it a full experience.

Bear Mountain Lodge

Located in Bethlehem, NH. Bear Mountain Lodge is a log cabin B&B with 10 rooms. They have specific elopement and small wedding packages. This is a great option for smaller weddings where you can book out the full B&B.

Top of the Ridge

Located in New Durham, NH. This B&B located in the Lakes Region is one of my favorites in the state. The owners have renovated all the rooms to be modern and welcoming. They have elopement and small wedding packages, and plenty of space for you and 6 guests. They have just four bedrooms, however, there are plenty of Airbnbs and other places to stay nearby. The view at the B&B is unbeatable including Lake Winnipesaukee and the Mountains.

The Glen House Hotel

Located in Gorham, NH. The Glen House is at the base of Mount Washington and the Presidential Range. They host elopement and small weddings up to 60 guests, along with a beautiful space in the outdoors. The beauty of the hotel is that you can also stay there. Everything can be in one location, including your small reception. Behind the Glen House is the Great Glen trails. This is private land, but also has public land section to have a simple ceremony on.

Lake View Inn

Located in Wolfeboro, NH. This one is located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire with views of the Mountains, which are incredible. This Inn has one of the most beautiful views of Lake Winnipesaukee and Gunstock mountain on top of a hill. At the inn, they have room for larger weddings. It could be a great option if you wanted to do something smaller as well.

Loon Mountain

Located in Lincoln, NH. If you are hoping for a mountain top ceremony but have guests that have accessibility issues, then a ski resort may be a great option. Loon Mountain is an absolutely beautiful location. Take the gondola up to the top, and have your intimate ceremony at their Summit Amphitheater. Yes, they have options that you can just do your ceremony there!

Bretton Woods Vacations - Moose Lodge

Located in Bretton Woods, NH. This has multiple properties that fit a large group of people, and they allow events. I'm obsessed with this place for its space and backyard. This is a perfect location to have an intimate gathering, a private chef, and enjoy the outdoors.

Small Wedding Venues in the Woods or Gardens

The Gardens at Uncanoonuc Mountain

Located in Goffstown, NH. The Gardens at Uncanoonuc Mountain is one of the most beautiful venues that will make you feel like you're in the woods of the White Mountains. The gardens are located in Goffstown NH which is a perfect midway point for those who are traveling. They offer microwedding and elopement packages, fulfilling whatever day you are imagining.

NH Audubon

The one shown below is located in Concord, NH. The audubon has locations all around the state with the same unique vibe. My favorite location is the McLane Center. They have some very cool fields and a treehouse in the woods that can be wonderful ceremony locations. This is a great option for smaller elopements, and if you are on a budget.

The Preserve at Chocorua

Located in Tamworth, NH. The Preserve at Chocorua is family run and has a passion for this area of their home. There is plenty of accommodation on the property, and you can even have it for the entire weekend to make a full event out of your day. There are a multitude of activities right on the property so your loved ones can also go explore.

Adair Inn

Located in Bethlehem, NH. Adair Inn is one of the most adorable Inn's in the White Mountains. It has gardens, a beautiful historic home, and is located in one of the best mountain areas in New Hampshire. The Inn has 11 rooms, so you and your guests can all stay at the Inn for your day!

Small Wedding Venues by the Ocean

Wentworth by the Sea

Located in Rye, NH. Wentworth by the Sea is a gorgeous golf course located right on the coast! It has three venue locations: the lawn, the tent, and the pavilion. Each of them are gorgeous and would be the perfect location to host your wedding!

Pepperrell Cove

Located in Kittery, ME. Pepperrall Cove is a stunning event space with expansive ocean views. Tables, chairs, linens, glassware, and place settings are all included with the rental fee and their chefs will work within your budget to create the perfect custom menu.

Stage Neck Inn

Located in York Harbor, ME. Stage Neck Inn is an oceanside hotel perfect for your wedding celebrations and guest accommodations! The onsite wedding coordinator will work with you to create the perfect wedding day timeline and the venue offers many packages that include everything you need for your wedding day.

Some additional advice

As you begin your elopement or small wedding planning, there are a few more topics I like to discuss with my couples before they move forward.

Add in activities: If you're planning an intimate wedding with guests, you can still have best of both worlds. Several of my couples decide to elope just the two of them regardless of their intimate wedding plans. It's the best way to have a day for the two of you (or even just a morning). You are able to fully enjoy your loved ones after you've had a day just the two of you.

Timing: With venues, they will typically rent out the full weekend for weddings. Larger weddings are where venues make the most money. They have minimums that couples need to hit, which can cause some financial stress. If you can be flexible with your timing and try for a week day, there may be more options for you, and less costs.

Event options: Some venues have a capacity of the amount of people you can have. If you are over that capacity, think of other ways you can celebrate with your loved ones. Keep your options and ideas open. For example, you could always have a smaller group of people for the ceremony, then meet up with the rest of the guest list at a brewery you rent out!

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