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Elopements don't have to be a quick stop at city hall any longer. You also don't need to make the decision to elope because of financial reasons either. The beautiful thing about elopements is you can have them reflect your personality. They can be all your favorite activities into one day. That's what Nichole and Alex's dream was - to elope in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. And while COVID-19 had other plans, we decided to switch it up to a White Mountains New Hampshire Adventure Elopement.

These two are adventurers at heart. It made sense to celebrate their next journey of life in the mountains. While this was their bridal session, it made me realize that a lot of people in the North East don't even know what an adventure elopement is.

New England is filled with locations to elope and have an adventure elopement. While going the non traditional route is scary, if a big wedding isn't "you", then maybe an adventure elopement is!

What is an adventure elopement?

A lot of people may be wondering - what is an adventure elopement? Especially if you're from the Northeast, these types of celebrations of marriage are mostly popular in the West coast and internationally. For some reason, they are just starting to make their way over to this beautiful part of the US. So let me tell you what an adventure elopement is and what it can look like.

The outdoors is such an intimate, peaceful sanctuary and for many people out there, is their favorite place to be. An adventure elopement allows you to enjoy your favorite mountain or outdoor area along with your favorite person while celebrating this next journey of life together. The best part? There are no rules! You can literally create your day exactly how you'd like.

An adventure elopement is basically putting all of your favorite activities into one day. Instead of having one day celebration where you get to spend just a few hours with your significant other, you now get to spend an entire day and create an experience out of it!

Look here for some elopement ideas!

What can an adventure elopement look like?

What's your favorite adventure? Maybe it's hiking your favorite mountain in your home state. Or maybe it's exploring a new country and all its waterfalls. Or oddly enough winter is your favorite season because you both love to ski/snowboard! There are no rules when it comes to adventure - it's whatever you want it to be. It's a way that you two can be totally present with one another.

One thing to note is that adventure elopements, or any elopement in general, does not need to be just 2 hours. In fact, your wedding day deserves SO much more than that. A lot of people question how they even could make an 8-12 hour elopement. Trust me, it's actually quite simple!

What about an adventure elopement in the White Mountains?

I totally get why people go out west for their adventure elopements, but I am telling you - New Hampshire, and New England in general, has so much to offer as well. The White Mountains continue to take my breath away and instead of taking a plane ride to get married, you can stay right here in your backyard. There are plenty of more difficult or easy hikes that bring you to epic views to enjoy your wedding day at. Here is an example itinerary on how you can fill up your whole adventure elopement day in the White Mountains.


4am: Meet at Airbnb to get ready

5am: Head to Mount Jackson trailhead

5:30-7:30am: Hike and reach summit

7:30am: Get wedding attire on

8am - 9am: First look and portraits

9am-11am: Hike back down

11:30am - 1pm: Family brunch

1pm-4pm: break and relax, spend time all together


4pm: freshen up

5pm: Ceremony at Artists Bluff

5:30pm-6:30pm: Family photos + portraits

7pm: dinner and celebrate!

See how quickly that can add up? And I literally just made that up and might make that my very own wedding timeline. This is just one example of how you can create your very own adventure elopement right here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I can't wait to hear how you imagine your day!

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