Vermont has been SO UNDERRATED when it comes to being an elopement location. New England has been picking up in popularity as The BEST place to elope in the US in my (not-so-biased) opinion. But seriously, Vermont has so much to offer, and can be the perfect place to get married - whether you're a local looking to elope, or even if you've never been! As your adventure elopement team serving Vermont and all of New England, we're here to help you decide where to elope in Vermont!

If you're hoping to broaden your search to other locations, don't forget to check out the White Mountains of NH or coastal Maine!

How to Decide Where to Elope in Vermont

Elopement planning is such a fun process, and something I'm super passionate about! Choosing to go the untraditional route and plan a wedding that is personal to you and your partner is SO special. Elopements nowadays are so flexible; you get to completely customize an experience that best suits YOU and your dream. Picking where you want to elope can be a unique challenge, though, because the options for an outdoor adventure elopement are virtually limitless. Trying to find the perfect spot to get married can be a daunting task for some couples when they realize they're not tied to down to a guest list, venue restrictions, or the expectations of traditional weddings.

When planning your elopement there are a few things to consider in regard to where to elope. Logistically, the options are endless; however, realistically determining where to have your elopement will come down to a few key things. Here are some questions to ask yourself when planning your elopement location.

What's your vision?

Before choosing your location, set aside the time to dream up the perfect day for you and your partner. Brainstorm, write it out, and create a vision board (Pinterest is great for that!) Do you want an adventure elopement? A day full of activities outdoors? How about getting married in a new destination, maybe somewhere abroad? Or a relaxed day in a place familiar and personal to you with a few of your loved ones? Establish first how you want your day to feel more broadly, and then narrow down the specifics.

Will there be guests?

Have you considered who will be attending? If your vision is an extended hike in the mountains, but you were planning on having your great-grandma at your ceremony, you might need to reconsider. Adding in family and friends to your elopement is a wonderful normality now. You don't have to do it in private if that's what you want! However, it is important to determine who will be present at which portions of your elopement. We will need to consider the level of accessibility as the planning process begins. A really rad elopement option is to have small private ceremony and then a reception later on! That way you get the best of both worlds!

How far do you want to travel?

It's important to consider how far you want to go to elope. Destination weddings are absolutely incredible (check out this Sicily, Italy Elopement!). However, some couples might not want to have to deal with the extra hassle that international or long-distant travel weddings can bring. Similarly, others might choose to elope in their bucket list location and extend it into their honeymoon so they have more time to explore the area. But you can also elope locally without traveling more than an hour, depending on where you live!

What does it look like?

Once you get past some of the broader questions, it's time to narrow down the specifics of where you want to elope. What does the area look like? What kind of landscape do you love the most? Are you in love with mountain landscapes? Or maybe the coast is your favorite place to be? Having a general idea of what scenery you love can even spark inspiration in your photographer, and they might have a list of options for you to consider locally (or abroad!) Location scouting – both on Google Earth and in Amber's home state of Vermont – is a favorite pastime. We have a long list of elopement location options for our clients and would be SO happy to help offer input when picking the spot!

Eloping in Vermont

Okay so you've decided YOU'RE ELOPING IN VERMONT - YAY! Finally it's time to figure out where to elope in Vermont. The fun part about eloping is that it will most likely just be the two of you OR 10-20 of your closest family and friends. This will give you a wider variety of places you can get married rather than a 100+ person wedding. If you want a more detailed guide on where to elope, we help our couples find exact locations that fit their needs and desires!

Elopement Location Ideas for Vermont

The Mountains

A lot of people don't realize this is an option, but if you are eloping and love the outdoors, then why not do it in the Green Mountains?! Fun fact: the name Vermont was actually derived from the two French words "vert" meaning green and "mont" meaning mountain. But they aren't only awe-striking in the summer... they are absolutely stunning in all 4 seasons. In the fall, the leaves begin to turn and everywhere you look. It appears that the mountains are on fire – shades of red, orange, and yellow as far as the eye can see. And in the winter, every branch hangs heavy, blanketed in fluffy white snow. The Green Mountains are also a bit less crowded than the neighboring New Hampshire White Mountains. Therefore, they're a great place if you're seeking privacy for your special celebration.

By the water

Vermont also has some stunning lakes that make you feel like you're by the ocean. There are also ponds with mountain views, waterfalls and swimming holes, and rivers fit for floating on. There are plenty of summer camps and campgrounds, waterfront parks, and even intimate wedding venues right on the bank if being by the water is important to your relationship.

A Venue

There are some venues that offer elopement packages. This could also be a great option, especially if it includes accommodations and an experience to go with it. Check out more wedding venues in the section below!

Backyard/Private property

If you or your family has a beautiful backyard or you're considering renting a property, then this is also a wonderful option. It could be a place that is meaningful with a lot of space, and you'd be able to do everything in one place.

Where to elope in Vermont for an adventure elopement

  1. Lake Willoughby
    • Also called "America's Lucerne." Lake Willoughby is a glacial lake in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom that resembles a Norwegian Fjord. It's known for its clarity and chilly temperature so dress warm! It is over 300 ft deep in places, making it potentially the deepest lake entirely contained in New England. And second in the area only to Lake Champlain. Nestled directly between Mount Hor and Mount Pisgah, Lake Willoughby is a great spot for hiking, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding... and eloping!
  2. Warren Falls
    • This recreation area can best be described as a magical natural water park. One of Vermont's long-time favorite swimming holes, Warren Falls is made up of several rock slides, clear-green pools, and gorge walls. It's perfect for adrenaline-junkie couples who love cliff jumping and want to take the leap together.
  3. Camel's Hump
    • Because of its distinctive profile, Camel's Hump is perhaps the state's most recognized mountain. It's even on the state quarter! It is also tied for the third tallest mountain in Vermont (4,083 ft) and contains the only undeveloped alpine area in the Green Mountains. There are several summiting trails between 5-6 miles. Plus there are campsites along the way and unparalleled panoramic views from the summit! Camel's Hump is the perfect place for avid hikers to say "I do"!
  4. Smugglers' Notch
    • We don't mean to be biased, but Smugglers' Notch State Park is by far one of our favorite areas in Vermont. The extremely narrow and switchbacking road that cuts through "Smuggs" is not maintained in the wintertime (understandably!) Therefore it's only open between the end of May and the beginning of October. However, whether you're visiting in the summer to rock climb/boulder, zip line, hike, swim in any of its waterfalls, fish, or camp, OR you're visiting nearby Smugglers' Notch Resort to ski in the winter, there are so many fun ways you can elope in this breathtaking corridor of the Green Mountains.
  5. Hapgood Pond
    • Searching for a quiet, clean, local spot to say your vows and have a picnic at? Look no further than Hapgood Pond in the small town of Peru. With a small beach, grassy lawn, mountain views, and 1 mile trail around the perimeter of the pond, this is the ideal place for those seeking a more leisurely and accessible celebration! You can even bring your dogs and stay the night at one of the primitive campsites!
  6. Mount Mansfield
    • Standing tall at 4,395 ft, Mt Mansfield is Vermont's highest mountain. When viewed from the east or west, Mount Mansfield has the appearance of a very elongated human profile (lying on its back.) With distinct forehead, nose, lips, chin, and Adam's apple features. Because its ridge line also includes the secondary peak Stowe, you can access the traversable rocky "face" by hiking Stowe. OR you can opt to keep your wedding attire clean by driving up the toll road or taking Stowe's Gondola SkyRide to the top.
  7. Lake Champlain
    • If you dream of getting married by the water is what's most important to you, then you're going to love Lake Champlain. This massive fresh body of water acts as the border of New York + Vermont and stretches all the way up to Quebec! So you can imagine the infinite possibilities when it comes to planning activities! Early morning round of golf? Check. Private vows on a boat? Check. Craft beer to celebrate? Check. Whether it's an intimate lake-side stroll or a laid-back afternoon walking Burlington's Church Street, the Champlain region has you covered.

Top Vermont Wedding Venues for an Intimate Wedding

Not interested in the DIY intimate wedding or elopement? Consider booking a venue! We've compiled a list of the top 5 best places to have an intimate wedding or elopement in Vermont!

  1. The Inn at Wethersfield
  2. OQ Farm
  3. Hermitage Inn
  4. Bliss Ridge
  5. Satoyama Mountain Farm
  6. Mountaintop Inn

PLUS we have a list of epic Vermont Airbnbs you might want to consider for your intimate wedding/elopement as well! Whether you use them to stay the night, get ready, or have the entire celebration there. Renting a private property like an Airbnb or VRBO can be a unique elopement experience! Check out our blog on How to Have an Airbnb Elopement.

Vermont Elopement Packages

With an adventure elopement, there are so many incredible outdoor locations in the Green Mountain state. The aforementioned list is just a small preview of what our location guide entails (trust us, there is A LOT). This list can be a great place to get you started! Many of these are popular locations, so if you want to get off the beaten path, make sure to hire a local Vermont planner or photographer – luckily, we have one on our team!

We have a more detailed list of Vermont elopement locations for our couples. It includes tons of location options, with trails and hiking info! We LOVE helping clients choose their perfect elopement location. Our process always starts with a location questionnaire. Then we do loads of location scouting so that we can give you a customized list of locations that fit within the vision you have for your day!

Vermont Elopement Photography + resources

Top 10 Activities for your Vermont Elopement

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Small Wedding and Elopement Venues in Vermont

The place you get married should be where you feel most at peace, most alive, and most present with your partner. For some, that may be by the water, and then for others, that might be in the town where they grew up, or in a bucket list location that is completely new to them! It is unique to each and every couple. And that's why we love elopements. You can design a day completely unique to YOU as a couple.

Check out my guide on How to Elope in Vermont for more details, get in touch with us to start planning your dream elopement in Vermont, and follow us on Instagram for elopement location inspiration.

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