Summer mountain elopement at Cathedral Ledge

Sara + Justin's story

Sara and Justin got married at Cathedral Ledge on a gorgeous Summer day in late August. Located in North Conway, New Hampshire this is the perfect elopement location if you want the mountain views, but not a long hike to get there.

They knew once they got engaged that they wanted something simple. A big wedding never felt like them. They don't love being the center of attention; they really wanted a day that was lowkey and authentic to them. Lucky for me that's also how they wanted their photos to be too (that's my jam). Nothing stiff or posed, but genuine emotions documented naturally. I was so thrilled that they chose me to be the one to carry out their vision! Read on to get a closer look at their Summer mountain elopement at Cathedral Ledge!

Their New Hampshire Elopement Day

Helping each other get ready

They took their time getting ready together at their cute Airbnb. They didn't want to do a first look or make a huge deal out of it; but rather focus on being present together and sharing each moment of the day. This included helping each other put on their attire, dress necklace, vest, jacket, etc. They did Facetime with Sara's mom as she did her own hair and makeup, which was a special way to include her. They also went out for coffee when they picked up their gorgeous wildflower bouquet from a shop in North Conway. It was sweet and simple.

Ceremony at Cathedral Ledge

After they got ready, we all headed to Cathedral Ledge where they picked an area that had the most privacy for their intimate elopement ceremony overlooking the mountains. It was exactly how they wanted it. Nothing stiff or formal, but just them totally at ease and in their element. They said their personal vows and soaked in those precious moments pledging their lives to one another as the sky lit up behind them in a gorgeous display of light.

After we finished with their sweet vows and a few portraits overlooking the forest, we set up a charcuterie board with bread (that Justin's dad had made) and cheeses + meats. With that they also read the letters that their family members had written to them for the occasion. Such a special way to Include Family Members at Your Elopement.

How to Keep Your Elopement Simple

Sara and Justin really made their vision of a simple, stress-free elopement day come to life. They were very intentional about creating memories that fit their priorities and setting boundaries to not let the pressure of tradition or obligation deter them. I think that's what's so special about these types of days. When couples really take their time and create a very relaxed day for themselves it allows for so much freedom to be fully present on the day they get married. Here's a few tips for how to keep your elopement simple:

Focus on the details that mean something to you as a couple.

Determine what is important to you on YOUR wedding day. Not what your friends did, or outdated traditions. But what makes you feel at peace on one of the best days of your life. For Sara and Justin this looked like getting ready together, having the private ceremony in the mountains, the letters from family, the bourbon they drank; all little details that really reflected their personalities and priorities.

Find a photographer (and vendors) who make you comfortable

One thing that I didn't realize until Sara and Justin's day was how important the vendors truly are to couples. With such an intimate day, and just the two of them, they wanted to make sure that whoever they were investing in wasn't just going to give them beautiful photos. No, they needed someone who was going to make them feel comfortable on their day, and when they shared with me that I was who Justin chose, my heart was so warm. It made me happy that they felt comfortable with me from the start, and that they could be free on their wedding day.

Pick a location that excited but doesn't overwhelm you.

Often times with adventure elopements there can be some pressure to pick a crazy wild destination, primarily for the photos. But I'm here to tell you that, while those can be amazing experiences in new and exciting places, if the process of traveling and planning an elopement somewhere just adds MORE stress then I think it's important to consider your why. It can be near, or far, but in the end pick somewhere that excites you but also brings you peace.

Head over to this guide if you need tips on choosing the Best Location for Your Elopement! And be sure to follow me on Instagram for more New England elopement ideas!

Summer Mountain Elopement at Cathedral Ledge

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