If you haven't been to Oregon yet, then what you need to know is that it is an absolute dream. If you have been, or are from there, then you already know this. No matter where you go in the state, you are going to be met with stunning scenery. Whether it is the red rocks at Smith Rock, the mountains in Mount Hood, a massive crater at Crater Lake, or of course the stunning Oregon Coast. This in particular is all about the Oregon Coast and how to elope in the area.

While this was a styled session, it was a beautiful representation of what a true elopement could look like. Wake up at sunrise for a stunning first look followed by a delicious styled lunch on the beach. Then it's all about exploring the stunning beaches located in Southern Oregon, with paths galore overlooking the ocean.

We started the morning at Harris State beach, climbing on rocks and watching the sun peek over. The amount of options to play with are endless at the beaches in Brookings Oregon. For sunset, we went to Secret Beach, which had an incredible outlook on a large rock formation for killer views. Seriously, Brookings Oregon is a location that needs to be on everyone's radar when thinking to elope. Or just have an intimate wedding.

How to legally elope in Oregon

In order to make your marriage official in Oregon, the state has a few guidelines that you must follow. This is for any current resident of Oregon, or even if you live outside of the state.

  • You must obtain a marriage license in Oregon with both parties present. You will need your photo ID with the name that is on your marriage license.
  • You can get obtain the marriage license in any county in Oregon, but after you are married, you will need to submit the paperwork to the same county.
  • You must get your marriage license at least 3 days before you can actually get married. Once you get your marriage license, you have 60 days to get married.
  • You will need to be married by someone who is an ordained minister or judge of Oregon. You will also need two witnesses. Don't stress if you are planning just the two of you - we can always find someone along the way! Or I can sign for you too! For full rules, click here.
  • For all the info you need to know, this site has it all!

Best time to elope in Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast spans 363 miles north to south and has endless options of where to elope. Head South towards Brookings and get beaches and cross the boarder to the redwoods. Or head north to Cannon Beach and get a variety of landscape options and waterfalls. Truly any time of year is beautiful in this part of the state, however the best times to go would be early summer to early fall (June-October). The weather along the coast can be temperamental with sun, fog and rain. So it's best to just prepare for it all!

The big question I always get with elopements is - what about the weather? Oregon's weather is extremely temperamental, so it will be important to throw out all expectations and enjoy whatever weather we come across! Truly, some of the best lighting is in Oregon because of the weather. Fog, rain, snow, or sun, this state is truly breathtaking no matter the weather conditions. So do not stress! Plus, having a photographer who is knowledgable in any weather pattern will be really important! Don't worry, I got you!

How to figure out what to do with your Oregon Coast Elopement

I love daydreaming about Oregon Coast elopements, because the day can truly be magical. Depending on where on the coast you want to go, there are cliffs, beaches, rock formations and you can even make a stop over the border to the Redwoods in California. But what I generally tell my couples is to write down your top ten favorite things to do together, or what you are passionate about (hiking, food, breakfast, exploring new places, etc.). Then try to incorporate all those things into your day!

Click here to figure out how to plan a memorable elopement day.

The best part of eloping is the day can be exactly how you want it to be. Remove all the traditions that don't mean something to you, and create your own customized day. On the Oregon Coast, you could have your ceremony on the beach, or on a coastal trail. Later on you could invite your families to join you for a beautiful styled dinner picnic. There is truly so many options and what a perfect location to do it.

Where to elope on the Oregon Coast

Oregon is a massive state with plenty of opportunity for exploration. If you've decided on the coast of Oregon for your elopement, there are options all the way north to south. Both have pros and cons and are diverse enough to fit whatever needs you have for your day!

Cannon Beach and Manzanita Beach are the more popular destination on the Oregon Coast, particularly because it is just over an hour away from Portland. However, if you head south along the coast, there are plenty of other stunning spots with the dramatic cliffs and ocean views. I do tons of location scouting for my couples to make sure I'm finding them secluded and beautiful spots to avoid crowded areas!

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