This NH mountain elopement is one you're going to want to read about and scroll through the photos. It was on one of my favorite mountains in New Hampshire, but it was also during my all time favorite season - the Fall. The colors were absolutely stunning on the popular date of October 10th. Let's get into their story.

When I met Ally and Joey

I met Ally and Joey on a cold evening in Boston back in 2019. Joey was planning to propose to Ally when she got off the plane around 6pm. As the day went on, her flight kept getting more and more delayed. When she finally boarded the plane, her expected arrival wasn't until 12:30am. But Joey couldn't wait any longer and had to do it. So I went to the North End and waited for the two of them to walk down the path. It was the best moment filled with all the different emotions. It was then that they were stuck with me!

Leading up to their NH mountain elopement

With COVID, their wedding plans had to be adjusted. Ally was looking everywhere for small venues so they could get married somewhere beautiful with their families. Unfortunately though, everywhere was either booked or wasn't allowing weddings - even micro weddings. It got to a point that it was just stressful and they really just wanted to get married.

So she sent me a note and said I'm over this - let's just elope. All she wanted was an epic location for the bomb photos. I gave them some options for shorter hikes in New Hampshire, and after Facetiming them on top of this mountain, they put all their trust in me. Ally planned her hair and makeup, and they would drive up and spend the day at the mountain together.

The NH adventure mountain elopement

Ally and Joey started their way up to New Hampshire for their adventure elopement. On a Saturday, on one of the busiest days of the Fall, they were bound to hit some traffic. I guess that's the blessing of elopements though. You can pivot plans seamlessly because there is no one else to worry about. It ended up being kind of a blessing in disguise because the mountain was extremely crowded. By the time we started our journey up, the crowds left and they had an intimate and peaceful time.

Once we made our way to the top, they took a little break to take in the views (and to catch their breath!). Then they separated and got ready individually. They did their first look on top of a rock with the mountain range behind them. Ally and Joey are adorable. They are the perfect mix of intimate and loving yet silly and fun. As you'll quickly be able to see throughout their gallery below!

Mountain picnic set up + vows

After their first look and taking in the views (which didn't stop then and there!), we walked to the other side of the mountain for a picnic. Ally and Joey had Danielle with Grandest Gatherings create a beautiful picnic to enjoy as they watched the sun go down. They enjoyed some champagne and their charcuterie board by Buck and Bloom before their vows.

Ally's mom had gifted her dad an ordained certificate so that he could marry the two of them the next day. But Ally and Joey wanted to still say their personal vows to one another. We found another viewpoint on the mountain where they would exchange their written vows. The wind was blowing like crazy, which I generally like because then no one else can hear what they are saying. It is a genuinely secluded and intimate moment between the two of them.

The one moment that I really loved was just after their vows. They embraced one another and just looked out into the mountain views. It's my favorite part of an elopement, when the couple is completely in the moment with one another. Something that is really hard to do with a larger wedding.

Sunset portraits and hike down

After their vows, we adventured around the mountain to take more sunset portraits. Then they finished up their charcuterie board and we made our way back down the mountain in the dark. This part of the state is absolutely incredible at night because the lack of light pollution. So it is very, very dark. We had on our headlamps, and kept them on to enjoy the cake Ally's mom got them.

It was a magical day and I'm so glad they were still able to get married in the midst of so much chaos in the world.


Photography: me!

Styling: Grandest Gatherings

Florist: Grace Flora Studio

Charcuterie Board: Buck and Bloom

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