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Victoria and Tyler's day was one I truly will never forget. It may have been because the day was so relaxed, and that everyone involved was able to be so present. Or maybe it was how welcome they made me feel, and such a special part to their day. These two were engaged for 3 years, and after trying to decide how to get married, they ended on a simple and intimate elopement day. Let's get into their intimate Lake Winnipesaukee Elopement that they celebrated with their close friends.

Why Lake Winnipesaukee?

Both Victoria and Tyler are total fitness bosses. Biking, marathons, Iron mans - legit they do it all. Initially when we first talked about their day, we started talking about the location. How to choose your elopement location can be kind of tough, especially when you are so open! They both reside in California, so originally they had talked about Yosemite National Park, however, they felt such a close and calm feeling in New Hampshire. Did they want to do it somewhere in nature, in the mountains, or by the lake? Victoria's best friend's parents own a lake house on Lake Winnipesaukee, and both of them had come to visit them. They loved the peace they felt; reading and hanging out by the water, and having a relaxing time away.

They immediately knew that they wanted to get married at the lake house. And then when their friends agreed (with so much joy, may I add!), the location was set in stone.

Their lake front elopement day

When couples keep their days small and intimate, there is less rushing around. They can have smooth transitions, and make it all happen as they see fit. This is exactly the feeling of Victoria and Tyler's day, from beginning to end.

When I arrived, everyone was preparing the dinner set up, the decor, and starting to get themselves ready. I wandered around taking in all the little moments, including their amazing lake house. After they each parted ways they got ready separately. Tyler had a tie from his dad, and then Victoria has some special items from her grandma.

For their ceremony, we chose a little spot in the backyard. Victoria came out walking to a song that made her feel like a confident woman, which I thought was such a baller move by her. This woman truly is the kindest, strong soul, and you can tell from the moment you meet her.

Then there's Tyler, who is also the kindest man, who you could see from a million miles away how absolutely in love he is with his wife.

Their ceremony was performed by their friends mom. They said their sweet vows to one another, and then ended with a jump for joy (literally) and a kiss. I have never in my life seen someone so freaking happy to be married. My heart continues to burst everytime I think about it.

For the rest of the evening, they watched the incredible sunset, had a champagne toast, got take out from Gusto Italian cafe in Center Harbor, and had a first dance. It was truly a sweet, simple and special day that I think everyone, including myself, was able to fully take in each and every moment.

Take a look at more of their sweet Lake front backyard day below!

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