Intimate Evergreen Colorado Mountain Engagement | Colorado Elopement Photographer

In the photography off season, I flew out to Denver to visit my good friend Allison. We were galavanting around the state, exploring the mountains and other beautiful locations it has to offer. That was when my friend reached out to me seeing if I was available for an engagement session. Her friend had just recently gotten engaged and was hoping to get photos done as soon as possible. I of course was in, so I got her number and we got to planning. They were looking at a venue in Evergreen Colorado, so I met them there and did a beautiful session in the mountains.

I met Corey and Jake there a little over an hour before sunset. My gosh I don't know if there is a cuter and sweeter couple out there. Corey is this teeny tiny woman and Jake is an extremely tall mountain man. Together, I just couldn't get over how adorable they were. We spent the first part of the session in the woods, playing around and with light. They were legit perfect, let go and were just themselves. A fun mixture of giggles and passion is what I could feel the entire time.

We then ended at Dedisse Park, where there was a beautiful alpenglow from the sun going down. It was such a beautiful night in Evergreen Colorado and I cannot wait to get back there soon.

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