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Autumn; my favorite time of the year. When the days are becoming colder, and the landscape tones are becoming warmer. There's something so romantic about how crisp the mountain air feels. It's perfect for cuddling up with your partner and enjoying the golden hues of a fall sunset. Not only is just a delightfully cozy and nostalgic time of year, but it is SO PHOTOGENIC. Especially here in New Hampshire. If you haven't experienced fall in New England then add it to your bucket list! And if you're considering planning a fall elopement, I wholeheartedly say DO IT!! Here's your guide to eloping in the Fall. Let's get to it!

What's it like eloping in the Fall?

So why plan a fall elopement? If you're trying to decide what season to elope in, this is my personal favorite. Getting married in the fall means generally mild temperatures with a good amount of daylight for a full day of adventure. While some popular locations that are well known for fall tourism may be over crowded, there are plenty of options to explore. Some areas of New England, or National Parks like Yosemite draw in crowds wanting to see those magical fall colored trees. However, when you book with an experienced local photographer, they can usually help guide you in choosing a location that is suitable for the season and won't be over populated.

The Top Places to Elope in the Fall

The Fall looks different all throughout the world, and especially in the United States. On the east coast and even a bit of the mid west, you will find reds, yellows, oranges, and even purples. Whereas out west, you'll mainly see the beautiful golden colors. They look different, but both are beautiful in their own ways.

New England (specifically New Hampshire, Maine + Vermont)

Okay, obviously this is number one, and not just on my list! New England boasts of the BEST fall foliage, as far as the eyes can see. Don't believe me? Check out this photo of Fall in the White Mountains! New Hampshire is obviously my top choice because it's my home. There is nothing like a New England Fall because of all the colors the landscapes create.

Fall trees in New Hampshire

Montana, Idaho + Colorado

I was blown away with how stunning Montana was in the Fall. The golden trees just had me in awe. But the real fun part is that winter can make its way at any point too. That way you'll get a mixture of Fall colors, but winter vibes!

Montana fall wedding photo


Alaska is quite popular in the Summer, and for good reason. However, people are really missing out on the Fall there. If you go the first two weeks of September, you will start to see some incredible colors in the trees. Combine that with the ice blue glaciers and massive mountain landscapes, you have yourself an epic wedding day.

Best activities and experiences to do when Eloping in the Fall

When eloping in the fall, an adventure elopement or intimate wedding gives you plenty of opportunity to create an epic experience for you and your partner (and your guests if you have any!) There are so many wonderful activities and experiences you can plan in the autumn that will make your elopement so incredible. And don't get stuck in the idea that your elopement has to be confined to just a couple hours or even just one day! Couples now are choosing to host weekend long experiences, or combining small wedding ceremonies but having big receptions with guests! You have the option to make the day you get married into an extended celebration, filling it with as much or as little activity as you want. Here are a few outdoor adventure experiences you might want to consider adding to your fall elopement!


My FAVORITE activity, especially on elopement days!! Whether it's a pre-ceremony hike or a post-elopement adventure; the options are limitless! Taking a hike is a great way to explore the area, and get to those jaw-dropping views! Just imagine saying your vows on top of the mountains, fall foliage as far as the eye can see!

Horseback riding

Horseback riding wedding photo

A super unique activity for your wedding day! If its an option in the location you've chosen, consider booking a trail ride at a local ranch! Tours usually last an hour or two, and you get to explore places that may be less accessible on foot!

Star Gazing

There's nothing better than cuddling up by the fire and gazing off into the galaxies. Grab a cup of cider or cocoa and a cozy blanket and take in the wonder of it all! Fall is a great season to enjoy the dark skies without staying up too late into the night!

More ideas for fall elopement activities:

  • Wine tasting
  • Helicopter ride
  • Kayaking
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Apple picking
  • Camping

How to prepare for your elopement in the fall

When packing for your fall elopement, it's important to consider the landscape and the weather. Check the local forecast leading up to the day, and stay in touch with your photographer/vendors is there's any chance of rain. Having a backup plan or two never hurts, and being flexible and adaptable is key at an adventure elopement! Remember to pack layers and extras for things like socks, shoes, etc. If you're choosing to do a sunrise hike it's essential to come properly prepared! I always send my clients a packing list to help make sure the experience is pleasant for everyone! Adding in extra items like a cozy sweater or blanket and really make those fall vibes come to life (and keep you warm!)

Fall inspiration

For more Fall Elopement Inspiration check out these gorgeous autumn wedding photos!

North Conway Fall Elopement

Fall elopement ceremony in New England

Crawford Notch Sunrise Fall Elopement

New Hampshire elopement location

Bozeman, Montana Elopement Weekend

Montana fall elopement photo

Catskills Fall Elopement

White Mountains Elopement with Family

Portland, Maine Elopement

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