When thinking of elopement days, I found that a lot of couples who come to me aren't sure where to begin or what their day could look like. So I wanted to create an epic version of an all day hiking and glamping elopement to show how extravagant it could be, while also still being way less than a big wedding. While below is a styled shoot, this is an image of exactly how your day could look. I even included pricing so you would know how much to expect to pay for a day like this! So let's get into the fun stuff!

What an all day timeline could look like

Truly, your timeline could look exactly how you want it. Most photographers allow you to split up the day depending on the amount of hours. That way, you can make the most of sunrise and sunset timing. Below is an example of how you can make a full day out of your elopement. With weddings, they are very structured, centered around making it most convenient for the guests and lighting. You end up only spending just a few hours of your day with your partner. As you can see below, with elopements, you can literally spend all day together!

All day elopement timeline

Sunrise hiking ceremony in Franconia Notch

Franconia Notch is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is filled with beautiful hikes, streams, lakes and waterfalls. Depending on what you are looking for, I often love waking up in the mountains. It's amazing to see the sun come up this way and start your wedding day together.

On this day, we chose a hike that was a little over a mile up. It took us around 45 minutes to get to the top, so we had about 20 minutes until the sun came up over the mountain. They got ready back to back, then had a first look in the trees. When they were ready, they said their intimate vows, then adventured around the mountain taking in the amazing scenery amongst them.

Note: This time can look exactly how you want it. Most people just want to spend time together and spend very little time doing portraits. That's the perfect way to stay in the moment and be together.

Brunch at an Alpaca Farm

After the hike, we left to go to the Alpaca Farm about 30 minutes down the road. Here, The Pop Up BNB had set up their glamping tent for Tati and Zay to enjoy during their down time. But beforehand, Exuberant Planning and The Pop Up BNB had set up a stunning and delicious pancake brunch outside the Alpaca Farm for them to enjoy and relax after they had just been married. They wanted pancakes, berries with real maple syrup. If that doesn't sound like the most perfect meal, I don't know what does!

After brunch, it was time to get out of their attire and relax in the glamping tent. Here they napped, played some games, hung with the Alpacas, then got ready for their beautiful dinner and sunset evening.

Dinner and the evening

The next part of their day was a beautiful dinner set up with three courses, followed by a yummy cake and drinks. They opted for the Pop Up Bnb Rentals to make their dinner extra special and magical alongside the birch trees and outside their tent. Sunset portraits were important to them, so we galavanted the field behind the farm overlooking the mountains. They ended the evening with s'mores by the campfire and being outdoors in the peace and quiet.

So, how much would this elopement cost?

The average wedding in the US costs about $32k. Most of this spend is strictly on venue and feeding guests. Not only that, you get to spend around 4-6 hours enjoying all that you've worked so hard to put together, including your attendees. With an elopement, you can create a full day experience that is centered around a place that you love and spending time with your closest person/people. The experience is completely different, and way less money.

I wanted to share with you how much this exact elopement would cost you. This day was created from sunrise to sunset (around 10-12 hours), taking all of the highest packages from each of the vendors, and it is still far less than what a wedding would cost. The other plus side of it, is while we showed you an elopement day for two, you can absolutely include family or friends into your day. While it may cost a little extra, it would mainly just be for food!

  • Elopement photographer: $7,000+
  • Elopement Videographer: $4,000+
  • Elopement Planner: $2,500+
  • Florist: $500+
  • Pop Up BNB: $1,000+ for tent, $1,600+ for rental items/dinner + brunch setup
  • Food (brunch + dinner): $150+ per person
  • Brides dress: $2,200+
  • Grooms suit: $350+
  • Vow books: $24+ for both


Vendors from this hiking + glamping elopement day

Adventure elopement photographer team

A New Hampshire + Vermont based adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographer team for the adventurous souls. We specialize in New England and destinations worldwide, empowering you to create the most beautiful, adventurous day and give you the memories you'll be able to look back on for all the years to come.


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