Franconia Notch Elopement

Franconia Notch Elopement

So excited to be sharing Danielle and Brian's Spring elopement at Franconia Notch. This sweet couple met all the way back in high school y'all! Their story is quite a beautiful one, and a story that I treasure that they shared with me. All I can say is that knowing the meaning behind their day and their journey together, made the photos and memories that much more special.

Alright so... they decided to elope in early June; such a beautiful time to be in the White Mountains of New Hampshire! When they first messaged me, they said "We want to elope just the two of us in nature, we want to document it for ourselves, and to share the day with our friends and family later. Since we are choosing to keep our ceremony just between us, we definitely want it to feel remote and in nature, I'm not always super comfortable in front of the camera. So I love the idea of being given some direction without everything feeling too forced. Overall, we want the day to feel intimate and connected to the natural world." I loved them right off the bat. Their vision for a relaxed wedding day with just them two made my soul sing!

You could really tell, throughout the entire day, just how grateful and excited they were. Seeing them totally present with one another, focused on celebrating their forever love - it was so beautiful to witness. Even though we got a somewhat dreary, overcast day with the weather - their contagious joy lit up every photo. Let's get into their magical day in Franconia Notch.

Elopement Morning at Echo Lake

They really wanted their elopement day to be mostly outdoors, from start to finish; so that's what we did! We started at sunrise at Echo Lake where they had coffee and breakfast. Something super special they included was reading letters from their loved ones to start their wedding day. It was such a sweet and intimate morning -and only the beginning! From there we did a short hike to a gorgeous overlook. They brought along their books and spent some time reading - a common activity they do and I suggested we include it to make it true to them!

Couple sipping coffee reading letters at elopement

Getting ready at Sunset Hill House

After that we split ways; they went and relaxed a bit. Danielle went and got her hair and makeup done. And then I met up back with them for the second portion of their day. We hiked again, this time a bit longer trail up to their ceremony spot at the start of the White Mountains. We took our time enjoying the day, taking breaks to cool off as it was a warm day! Once we got to the top they got ready separately and then did a sweet first look on top of the mountains.

Hiking Adventure + First Look

One of my favorite parts of their day that always makes me laugh is that Danielle forgot her vows in the car. We didn't realize it until we got to the top of the mountain. Many people would have been so stressed about this, but not Danielle. She is literally the most positive, down to earth humans and instead, she quickly wrote down the vows that she could remember. As you'll be able to see with the photos, their ceremony was still beautiful and special.

Hiking at elopement

Elopement at Franconia Notch

Nearby we found a beautiful spot for their private ceremony. They said their vows to each other, exchanged rings, and they were married! It was so simple and beautiful. We had the mountain all to ourselves, just the privacy they wanted for their intimate wedding. I'm so grateful they trusted me to find their location; it worked out to be just what they envisioned!

From there they had their first dance (I CRIED at their song choice from the Notebook you guys. It hit me HARD haha I love that movie) After that we went and explored, took some fun portraits, and headed back down the mountain. At one point we got to this gorgeous peak as it started getting dark out. It was so beautiful we decided to get out the headlamps and take some creative shots during blue hour! Then we stayed up there until it was pitch black out (always be prepared with headlamps!). We were just hanging out and having the best time; chatting, sharing stories, and snacking on some PB+J's. It was truly such a joy, and honestly so much fun to hear more of their story.

And that is the end of this Franconia Notch elopement in New Hampshire! Scroll on to get a closer look at their dreamy New England wedding in the mountains.

Franconia Notch Elopement in the Spring

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