White mountains adventure elopement hike in the Spring

Part two of Toni + Dave's 2-day wedding/elopement! Previously I shared all about their DIY backyard wedding with friends and family. Today I'm sharing the adventure elopement portion of their celebration, featuring ever amazing White Mountains of New Hampshire

This adventure elopement hike took place in my favorite place (practically my backyard!) After having their intimate wedding with guests, they reallyyy wanted to include a day of adventure with just the two of them (and their Dalmatian pup, Dahlia, of course!) They love being outdoors in nature together, and this day really captured their love of life together. The day was filled with hiking, star gazing, a picnic, and lots of laughs! They also love road-tripping and campervans - so it totally made sense for them to book a Walden Campervan!!

What I loved about Toni + Dave's day is it really truly felt authentic to them, and they approached the day like they do the rest of their life together. Relaxed, chill, yet so full of joy and enthusiasm! They really were intentional about being in the moment together and not making the day feel forced (which meant me capturing real moments that weren't all stiff and posed!)

Here's a rundown of their adventure elopement hike in the White Mountains:

Hiking under the Stars in NH

Campervan elopement

We met up at the trailhead while it was still dark. They packed up at their campervan and we hit the trail with headlamps and lanterns! We had time to enjoy the stars above us as it was a pretty clear dawn in the mountains. We made it to the top of the trail just before sunrise, and boy let me tell you it was a SUNRISE. One of those incredible displays of colors and clouds marking up the morning sky. The couple got emotional, being there together arm in arm. Soaking in the sunrise as newlyweds. Toni also feels closest to her late father up in the mountains, so it was super special to her.

Adventure Elopement Picnic

White Mountains wedding hike

They packed the cutest little elopement picnic in a basket - including champagne and sandwiches to enjoy at the top of the trail. Proof that you really do not have to go big and extravagant. Include little things that are special to you and I promise you will have a blast doing so! Sometimes its the simplest things that really prove the "less is more".

One of my favorite little details was the napkins they had made with their first "DM" conversation. It was so stinken cute.

Campervan Elopement in New Hampshire

Hiking wedding in White Mountains

After that we packed up and headed back down the mountain - Toni + Dave hiking in their wedding attire like the troopers they are! We made it back to their Walden Campervan and then we went off to find coffee!! We went to a local coffeeshop, got bagels, and then they set off in their campervan to enjoy the day as newlyweds! Such a perfect example of how you can combine your wedding day visions, and split them up over multiple days to create the perfect elopement/wedding celebrations.

What you can include in a two-part wedding/elopement

If you like the idea of splitting up your wedding into two separate celebrations like Toni + Dave - you may be wondering what you can do. I'm here to tell ya, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT!! If you want to have a more traditional wedding or an intimate backyard ceremony. BUT also really want a private adventure elopement..do both! This can actually ease the pressure of making the ONE single day be everything you want. AND eliminate the decision fatigue in picking what matters most to you. You can have a day to celebrate with family, and still get the adventure elopement in the mountains you've been draming of!

What's most important is focusing on making special memories together, not worrying about just the "photoshoot" aspect of the day. Not only will you enjoy yourself more, but in being fully present I can actually capture the BEST and most authentic images that way! If you need suggestions for what to include on the elopement/adventure portion of your celebration, here are a few ideas:

  • Read letters
  • Have a picnic
  • Say personal vows
  • Champagne toast
  • Make coffee together
  • Star gazing
  • Camping
  • Campervan
  • Book an excursion (helicopter, hot air balloon, kayak, etc)

There's no limit to what you can do or include on YOUR day. Especially if you are making it a multi-day wedding like Toni + David did. You don't need to squeeze every wedding tradition or ritual into the one day. But rather spread it out over multiple days.

New Hampshire Campervan Elopement in the Mountains

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