If you're here wondering how you can have a White Mountain all day elopement, then you're in the right place. I can't wait to share with you Sam and Nick's perfect day. From sunrise to sunset, their Thursday elopement was an absolute dream and one that felt completely them. When Sam and Nick initially inquired with me, they had absolutely zero idea what they wanted to do. They only knew that they wanted an adventure in New Hampshire.

I sent them my location questionnaire and they had a few priorities and hopes. They wanted a less than 6 mile hike overlooking stunning mountain views, a waterfall and to go from sunrise to sunset. At the end of September, that can make for a 10-12 hour day. I gave them a variety of options. They decided to go with a sunrise and sunset hike, and a waterfall for their first look. Keep reading to see how the day unfolded.

Morning hike

We met early in the morning to drive to our first hike - a well known trail and mountain. It's around a 3 mile round trip fairly simple hike that ends at a view unlike any other in the White Mountains. On our way up, they spotted an owl up in the trees. It was apparently a super rare and difficult to find one and I managed to snag a photo of it. A perfect start to the morning!

We arrived at the summit and waited for the sun to come peek over the mountains. They brought their coffee and hot cocoa to enjoy as they snuggled up and enjoyed the views surrounding them.

One of the things I love so much about elopements is the amount of time I get to spend with the couple. This morning was just the beginning of getting to know them as individuals and as a couple. It was already an emotional start for me. I got to watch them spend every second together on their wedding day, unlike many other people get to do. They sat and wandered around the mountains. The colors started to change to a purple and yellow hue and the sun came up over the east side. Then we started our way back down for a little break before the next journey of the day.

Getting ready

We had 2 hours to grab some coffee and take a break, until Sam left to get her hair done. I arrived at their airbnb and started gathering their details to capture the little things. We were a little behind schedule, but that's the benefit of eloping is there is no "being late". The only thing we needed to be aware of is when the sun is setting. However, we had plenty of time so I reassured them that we didn't need to stress. They took their time to give eachother their gifts, cut their cake, and gather everything for their picnic on the top of the sunset hike.

The first look

They wanted to do a first look, so we planned it so Nick would go in his car, while Sam would drive with me. We drove to a beautiful waterfall, and Nick started his way down the path, while we followed slightly behind. It is an extremely simple trail and stairs down leading to a tall waterfall. It was oddly quiet by the time we got there for an intimate first look between the two of them. They got to enjoy the waterfall, took some portraits, then headed to the sunset hike and ceremony location - Mount Crawford.

Sunset Hike for the ceremony

I hiked this certain mountain a few weeks earlier. I immediately knew this had to be the place they said their vows. I'm so grateful they trusted me fully. While the hike was definitely on the harder side of moderate, the pain was worth it. We arrived at the top, and the sun was peeking out behind the clouds. It created the most unreal sun beams on the Fall colors below. As they got ready, I tried capturing the landscape so they'd always remember that moment.

We then chose a location and viewpoint for their ceremony, and they said their intimate vows to one another. If you are nervous that an elopement won't feel intimate, I can promise you that is fully a myth. They both shed tears, and the feelings were so powerful. I think because of the surrealness of getting married in such a stunning location. It was perfect and I definitely had a moment of... how is this my life and my job?

After their ceremony and their moment alone, they wanted to read their letters from their family. It was a nice way that they could still have their families involved in their day. After that was time for their little DIY picnic to have some snacks.

They threw on a song they chose and had a beautiful first dance as the night sky grew darker. It was fun, emotional and just insanely stunning. Their day made me change my entire view of how to get married, and how incredible it can be with just two people.

Their timeline

Although a timeline is necessary to make sure you can fit all the things you want to do in, it does not make for a stressful day. Something I always tell my couples is there is zero stress when it comes to time. We can always adjust, but that's what I'm here for. I will also help you figure out how to prep beforehand to make sure the day of is smooth.

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