Bianca and Eric got married in late August in the magical Acadia National Park. They had planned their elopement several months in advance (the bride is an organization extraordinaire!) Never wanting a big wedding, and with their LOVE of nature, having a small wedding in a National Park was the obvious choice. 

They invited 15 of their closest friends and family to join them on their adventure to get married in Maine. It was a little bit of a destination wedding for them as they’re from Baltimore, Maryland!

I always have an initial consult call before my clients day; to talk them through their vision and my approach to documenting elopements and small weddings. Luckily our visions aligned, and we both agreed it was the goal to have a carefree, natural and authentic wedding day celebrating them getting married. To get the most natural and candid photos it’s important to build a relationship with your photographer/client, and communicate your hopes for the day. Bianca and Eric agreed they did not want overly staged or stiff photos at their Acadia wedding, but rather memories that capture the moments of adventure that happened. Because in the end, they wanted photos that reflect your experience and genuine emotions from the day. 

So it made it really easy because it was so natural. They did everything that I would have done, but naturally so it didn't feel or look awkward, which I loved. 

Getting ready

So the big day came, as did a daunting forecast for rainstorms! We were all prepared with coats and umbrellas, but it didn't end up happening. It turned out to be the most perfect day; the sun even peaked out later in the day! They spent their morning taking it slow, getting ready separately. Eric and his daughter went to the park and to the ranger station, while Bianca and her best friend got their hair and makeup done. The morning was very very relaxed, even though the final days leading up to a wedding can be so chaotic. They really did create a day that allowed them to relax and enjoy themselves. 

First look and letter reading

They wanted to do a private first look and letter reading together, since they were having their ceremony with guests later on. We initially picked a park for the location, but decided on a quieter spot by the hotel overlooking the water. This allowed them more privacy as they shared this sweet and emotional moment together. Tears were shed you guys, it was so special.

Ceremony with Friends and Family

After that, we headed to their ceremony location by the ocean - at Otter Point. It was literally perfect. Their family stood back a bit so they could have their space on the cliffs, while still surrounded by their loved ones. They really wanted a slow and intentional ceremony, not following traditions, but including things that were important to THEM. One thing that was super special was the moment they invited their daughter to partake in communion with them. It was such an emotional and intimate thing for them, and in the most gorgeous spot in Acadia. Their good friend also officiated which made it extra sentimental to everyone!

Elopement Adventure Hike in Acadia

After the ceremony we stuck around to take friends and family portraits. Then afterwards we went for a little exploration hike with just them two. The beauty of small weddings or weddings like this is you get to take time to enjoy where you are! We did this beautiful hike overlooking the lake and mountains. It was the perfect spot to hike to as newly weds.

Small Wedding Reception in Acadia

After the hike we went back to where they were staying for an intimate reception. They had 15 guests, and the tent set up was perfect for the small wedding party. They had a few tables, their own little sweetheart table, dessert table, and gifts table and bar.

After dinner and a couple of speeches, Eric and his daughter had a little father-daughter dance which was SO special. A great way to include your kids in your wedding/elopement.

To be vulnerable here, I was having such a rough morning on the way to this elopement, so many things were happening. It was in the middle of a busy season, with lots of traveling for work; scouting, shooting and trying to stay on top of things in my business and personal life. I was pretty overwhelmed.

But as soon as the elopement began all that stress went away. Being with such a kind couple who made me feel so welcomed was such a joy. I was reminded of why I do what I do. Capturing these special moments with such genuine people is an honor. They didn't treat me just as a vendor but as a friend. I just like really, really appreciate feeling like a person, like a human being at a wedding. It doesn't feel like work, and we produce some really authentic photos when the relationship is mutual respectful.

Acadia National Park Elopement Tip:

When you pick an epic place like Acadia to get married, remember why. Embrace the adventure, make time to explore, enjoy the views, and don't rush it. Having an intimate wedding or elopement like this means you have the flexibility to extend the day and spend more time doing what you love. Make a fun day out of it. Like go get a lobster roll downtown or go for a hike, watch the sunrise or sunset. Go to the mountain top views, and get down to the coast. And rest assured your Acadia elopement photographer (*ME!*) will be there to capture it all. Meaning you get to just relax and soak it all in.

How to Prepare Your Guests:

If you need help planning an elopement with friends and/or family attending; I got you covered! I created a resource to help prepare, you AND your guests, for the elopement. Check out my guide on How to Prepare Your Guests for Your Elopement. And be sure to follow me on Instagram for more Acadia Wedding and elopement content!

The Best Acadia Elopement Vendor Team

Photography: Kelsey Converse Photography

Videography: Hindsight Wedding Films

Venue: Atlantic Oceanside

H&MU: Echo Salon

Calligraphy: The Lettering Bar

Cake: Slice of Eden

Acadia Wedding in the Summer

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