Nikki and Evgeni had their wedding planned for quite some time, but with the recent affects of COVID-19, they had to completely cancel their day. Like for many couples currently, the struggles with the virus coming between their wedding day is beyond devastating. However, Nikki and Ev had another option that their friend Travis recommended - why not elope and make an experience out of it?

That's when Nikki and Ev decided to have an intimate wedding at Nikki's family lake home in New Hampshire - a home that has been in their family for over 50 years. It's a location near and dear to their hearts, and an absolutely stunning place to say the least. They aren't really ones to be the center of attention anyways, so they were actually pretty excited for the idea of an elopement. It was perfect for them.

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I arrived at their family lake house where Nikki, Ev and their friend Travis (who was marrying them) were hanging out and having a bite to eat. We sat around and chatted for a bit, then walked over to the lake to game plan. Once we figured out the perfect place for them to do their ceremony, they went their separate ways to get ready.

Nikki went to get ready in her grandmothers room, while Ev got ready in the living room. To keep their family and friends involved, Nikki called them as she was getting ready. Her bridesmaids were all dressed in their dresses, ready to watch their best friend and sister marry the love of her life. It was really such a beautiful thing to watch them all be so supportive of her.

Ev and Travis headed out to the dock to get in their positions. They set up the tripod and called their closest friends and family to be able to watch the ceremony. We decided beforehand that they would do a first look and have a moment together before they said I do.

Nikki walked through the pine trees to the end of the dock. When we were all ready, Ev turned around with lots of emotions. I don't blame him, she looked absolutely stunning. And is also just a beautiful person inside and out, so I have a feeling he was feeling pretty darn lucky in that moment.

We gave the two of them a few minutes to check each other out and get excited for what was about to happen. When they were ready, the ceremony began in front of their virtual family, with the most beautiful lake and mountain backdrop.

After their first kiss, they started their life with a Bulgarian tradition. Evgeni and his family are from Belgium and Bulgaria. They have a tradition that after the wedding ceremony, they kick a bucket with a white and a red rose. The rose that lands the furthest is the sex of their first baby! Red is a female, white is a male - it's a boy!

We spent the rest of their day taking photos, popping champagne and eating the most delicious cake. They did all the special things that they would have done on their wedding day, except they were able to fully be present one with another. They were legit all smiles all day.

The day was beyond memorable, even for me. It just made me love elopements that much more. It was truly all about them. They were able to be in the moment together the entire time. The day was all about them, from the beginning to the end. It was relaxed and intimate all at the same time.

If Nikki and Ev's elopement story has inspired you, don't hesitate and reach out to me! We can make your elopement day authentically YOU and so special. I can't wait!

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