Eloping with your Pet

If you're wondering how to elope with dogs, then you've come to the right place! Bringing your fur-baby along on your wedding day can be such a fun experience! Whether they're the only witnesses or part of the guest list; bringing your dog to your elopement is a great idea! Including your pet is a sweet way to make your elopement truly personal. Your dogs are your best friends after all right?! Below you'll find tips on how to elope with your dog, along with photos of my clients and their pups!

How to elope with dogs at your wedding

Tips on How to Elope with Dogs

While eloping with your dogs can be fun, there are just a few important things to think about and prepare for beforehand. If you are even considering having your dog join you on your day, make sure you look at the below tips on how to elope with dogs.

Bring a petsitter

While we want to take lots of photos with your dog, there will be times you may want it to be just the two of you. If you have a high-energy pup, or we're in an area that is not off-leash friendly; you may want to consider bringing someone to hang onto the leash while you're busy! This could be a friend/relative, or someone who your dog knows can be helpful if they tend to get nervous. We want you and your dog to feel at ease and have fun!

How to elope with dogs. Eloping with pets photo
Consider the location.

If bringing your dogs is a must have, then this is something to keep in mind when choosing your location. Some trails and parks prohibit dogs, and we want to be wary of any wildlife we might encounter along the way as well. You can opt to have your pets along for part of the day if this puts limitations on where you want to go! Whether that's taking the dogs on a pre-ceremony hike, or only including them at your reception; you have the option to have them be as much a part of the day as you'd like!

Bring the essentials.

Being prepared with all the right things can make having your dog along for the journey a breeze! Plan on bringing extra doggy bags, water/food bowls, treats, a long leash, lint roller, and maybe a blanket to rest on! If we have some downtime it may be worth it to bring a bone or a ball to throw around, keeping your pup entertained and enjoying the process as much as you two!

Bring the treats and water

I know I said this already, but I needed to make it its own bullet. Bring the treats and plenty of water! If you want to have a nice smiling photo, or at least keep them happy, then this is key. Keep them motivated to listen and be a good girl/boy!

Elope with dogs tips and ideas.

Where to elope with your dogs

While bringing your pups with you on your hiking elopement could be fun, there are other ways to include them to keep the stress free atmosphere. Take a look below and gather some inspiration for your plans!

  • Wake up and take them on a walk: Maybe you don't bring them on your hike with you, but you can absolutely continue with your morning routine. Have your photographer join you and then you'll still have those special memories.
  • Come back to the house afterwards: Go ahead and explore just the two of you, and don't you worry, your dog(s) will be waiting patiently at the window for your return. Then you can hop outside and take some photos with them in your wedding attire.
  • Carve out time to bring them somewhere new: If you want an adventure with them, find a nearby park, beach or walk in the woods to let them run around. Maybe you even make this your first look area, then you can drop them at home before your own adventure.
How to elope with dogs

What to bring on your dog friendly elopement

You want to make sure you are prepared for when your dog joins you on your elopement. Add the below items to your elopement planning checklist, and that way you don't have to turn around or run back in the house!

  • Dog treats / food
  • Plenty of water
  • A leash
  • A stake to put into the ground for the leash
  • Poop bags
  • A towel (just incase they find some water... or mud)
  • Items if they overheat/get cold easily

The other thing I'd recommend is putting together a dog packing list or bag. Prepare a small bag specifically with your dogs goodies, and that way you aren't running around trying to find everything the day of. If your dog is a good hiker, then also feel free to make them carry their own things up the mountain!

How to elope with dogs that aren't present

  • socks with pup on them
  • getting vow books with her paw print on them or putting her paw print on them if you already have them
  • embroider her into your wedding dress
  • get a customized pocket square with her on it
  • use a necklace or locket with a photo of her in it
  • get a customized cake topper
  • attach her dog tags to your bouquet
  • bring her collar if she has an extra
  • get converse with her embroidered on them (heres a link to a shop one of our couples used in the past!)

For more elopement tips and ideas, head over to my resource page! And be sure to follow me on Instagram for a behind the scene look at real elopements!

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