Can I share these guides with friends?


Can I modify the templates?

Absolutely! These templates were created to easily customize to fit your branding and client experience. Your purchase also comes with a video tutorial where I share how to easily customize through canva.

You are granted one license to use and may not share your digital products with anyone else. Kelsey Converse LLC reserves the right to take action against you if you violate this one license to use.

What is the return policy?

I purchased the product, but don't have access yet.

All sales are final and Kelsey Converse LLC enforces a strict no refund policy. Due to the nature of digital downloads and because you have immediate access to the documents, I will not allow refunds under any circumstances. Please ensure you understand this before making any purchases.

No stress! Wait for about an hour, and if you still don't have access or received the information, make sure to check your spam. If you've checked your spam, confirmed the payment, and done everything possible, reach out with your order number!

I already have client guides, how are these different?

How long do I have access to the products?

Forever! I want you to use these digital products for your business, and you can use the templates over and over. But remember, you just have one license to them, so please do not share with others. It would make me sad.

The Location Guide is a location specific template. Put absolutely everything your couples need to know about eloping in the certain area in one place. I generally send this template once we have nailed down a location, then they have everything they need. It removes back and forth communication and enhances the experience you give them.

What if I don't have canva?

Who created these designs?

You'll need to create a FREE canva account. You don't need to upgrade to a pro version to use the guide. Go ahead and create a free account, and start using!

My brain power, Rachel Sotak's design beauty. Rachel is a local NH graphic designer, and I knew she would turn my vision into an even better reality. I wanted these guides to look professional and created by an actual designer. So all of the thoughtful details and beautiful design was created by a professional designer.