Adventure Elopement in New Hampshire

Adventurous Hiking Elopement with horses

Meg and Richard's Adventurous Hiking Elopement was such a unique one! They had been planning this day for quite a while. When they got engaged, they started looking at wedding venues and thinking about what they were going to do. The more they researched wedding planning the more they realized it wasn't them. They wanted to do something that true to themselves and their relationship; and that was outdoors. They feel at home in the open air and as they put it; "nature is their church." My grandfather used to say that, and I love it.

So that's why we decided to elope and they. It's funny because they said that I helped them a lot, which is awesome. But honestly, they were SO good about being open and knowing what they wanted to make a day that was true to them. One of their biggest things, other than being somewhere in nature, was they wanted to include animals!! Meg LOVES farm animals specifically, and she grew up riding horses as a kid. She really wanted to incorporate horses at some point in the day. So that's what we did!

Elopement Day Horseback Riding

They started the morning with horseback riding at this really cool little farm in the valley. It was the perfect way to start off the adventure elopement. We rode around through the fields, enjoying the beautiful trails. You can just tell by the smiles on their faces just how special this activity was for them. The joy on Meg's face and the way Richard looked at his glowing bride was so sweet. Such an incredible experience to start off your elopement day with!We took a break after horseback riding to have a little picnic outside and then got ready to hike to the ceremony location

Hiking to the Elopement Ceremony

Elopement ceremony in New Hampshire

After horseback riding, we left for the river to enjoy charcuterie by Viand Charcuterie. I always talk with my couples beforehand about planning food throughout the day. It is one of the easiest (and most important) parts of the day to forget. Having a small meal is also a great way to re-energize and add in some activities to your day!

After the picnic, we left for the hike to the ceremony location. These next few hours on the mountain were some of my absolute favorites of my career. Meg and Richard just completely let go, and took in every single moment. They got ready separately, then had a first look. Just wait until you see the way Richard looked at Meg... the CUTEST thing I've ever seen. When they were ready, then walked to their ceremony location where their officiant, Hillary, was waiting for them. When Meg gets anxious, she needs to sit, so they started their ceremony by sitting. I really loved how they customized their entire day to fit them and their personalities.

After their beautiful and emotional ceremony, we ran around the mountain, then had their first dance until the sun started to go down.

On the way back down the mountain in the dark, we took a stop to make some late-night mac + cheese in the woods! Such a sweet memory shared by the newly weds in the wilderness.

Elopement Tip: Include Your Passions + Hobbies

Planning an adventurous elopement means you have the freedom to create a day (or week) full of experiences! Leave the cookie-cutter wedding plans behind and dream up a day where you two get to do the things you love! Meg and Richard chose to incorporate their love of horseback riding into their elopement, but the options are limitless! Skiing, snorkeling, off-roading, hiking, swimming; you can include whatever activity you want! You can spend your entire day together and fill it up with whatever brings you joy!

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