real moments


I want you to remember the little things throughout the day that happened that you may have forgotten otherwise. I hope to capture all the feelings, from you and your guests. As well as all the different senses from where you decide to elope.

I believe in quality over everything. I want you most of all to be able to wake up and enjoy your day from beginning to end. The photos are something you will not need to stress about.

I believe I'm here to tell your story,

not to have a photoshoot.

don't believe me? Hear it from real elopement couples

"My husband and I are generally awkward and hate being photographed, but she made us feel so comfortable like we were just hanging out with a good friend."

"She is able to connect with anyone and with any mood. She took the time to get to know us and, when our elopement day came, she made magic happen."

"Most importantly, she made us feel in the moment."

"She’s not there to stiffly pose you, she’s there to document the real moments for you as a couple and while she’ll offer direction when you need it, she’ll awe you by catching all the beautiful, genuine, special, tearful, joyful moments you’ll remember forever."

so how do we get our couples to go from camera shy

to natural in front of the camera?

I quickly realized that I couldn’t show up to a couples day and expect them to feel comfortable with me, which is why my approach is different than most photographers. With me, you are entering a judgement free zone. A safe space to be fully yourselves, not a couple who has to show up for the camera. I make you feel comfortable with me before your day. We prep, set expectations, and do the work beforehand, so you can show up relaxed and know that you have a friend joining you on your day, who happens to have a camera.

let me explain...

My goal is for you to look back on these photos and feel. Feel the emotions you felt in that specific moment. Feel the love that you were surrounded by. Feel the weather and scenery you got to witness. And most of all feel the freedom you were able to feel to be truly yourselves.

That is how you will see that all of these couples who are “camera shy” look comfortable, confident, and free to be who they are.