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Leah and Todd had recently moved to Boston last year for work. It ended up being the perfect area in the US since Leah absolutely loves the cold weather. Unfortunately, I cannot relate - I get sick of the cold weather fast! The two of them got engaged a few months ago and Leah's dream was to have snowy winter engagement pictures wandering through the streets of Beacon Hill. If you know New England, you know that the weather is unpredictable. Well, we got the cold, but no snow from the moment she reached out to me. We had to suck it up and just have a cold, brisk session instead of a snowy one!

We met for sunrise at the Longfellow Bridge in Boston. It was very chilly and windy, but that couldn't stop the morning from being perfect. We took some pictures on the bridge, then went to wander through the area of brownstones.

Beacon Hill is a perfect location for romantic and interactive engagement shots. There are tons of many adorable doors, walls and buildings to be played with. Of course we went to Acorn street, one of the most photographed streets in Boston. Then we strolled around through all the alleys. Even though it was cold, we all couldn't help but laugh and smile our way through it.

After we walked around, we decided to head back to their apartment near the hospital to have an in home shoot. Leah is adorable and set up a small breakfast for them to have. Then they snugged on the couch and danced to their favorite song. Todd was a total trouper even after getting just five hour of sleep after his shift (he's an ER doctor). We had lot's of fun early in the morning! Their winter wedding is set for next February down South with their closest family and friends. I'm so happy to have met these two and their infectious personalities.

Beacon Hill Locations for Engagement Session

Beacon Hill and the surrounding area is full of beautiful locations for your engagement session. Below are a just a few that you could explore.

  1. Charles Street: Charles street is one of the more popular main roads, but if you go out at sunrise you can have it to yourself. Not only that, you can explore all the side roads that connect to it.
  2. Acorn Street: This is the most photographed street in Boston. That was until the local residents made it so you now need a permit to professionally photograph it. Unfortunately it was just constantly so flooded with people that they had to do something about it.
  3. Louisburg Square: This little square park is one of the most expensive places to live in Boston. They have some adorable brownstone buildings that can make for great photos.
  4. The Longfellow Bridge: This bridge has a stunning view of the city behind it. Go walk along it, especially at sunrise, to catch a golden glow and minimal amount of people.
  5. Charles River Esplanade: This isn't technically part of Beacon Hill, but it's just a short walk away. The Charles river gives you greenery and the river to give you a good variety of landscape. Actually, you can walk there right from the Longfellow Bridge!
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